The products

Thanks to the "Claires* " of the Ile d'Oléron, our oysters acquire a taste and a green colour which you will find nowhere else. A blue algae gives them this colour which consumers look for.

The experience of our staff allows us to select our best products :

  • Fine Oysters
  • Special Oysters
  • Flat Oysters
  • "Fines de Claires" Oysters (Label Rouge)
  • Oysters matured in Claires (Label Rouge).

Oysters Fines de Claires

The oysters Fines de Claires Label Rouge mature in the claires where duration and density are strictly defined, they must have a minimum size, a certain shape and be fleshy.
When putting them on the market, in specific packaging, the use-by-date is calculated from the moment the oysters are taken out of the water..

Matured in claires

The "Matured in claires" Label Rouge is the top of the range oyster from the Marennes Oléron basin. It matures in the claires more than 4 months in very small quantities (5 per m2).
The lacy shell is particular to this method of cultivation, these oysters have a specific weight and a unique flesh and taste.

The time of year when the "matured in claires" oysters are put on the market is defined by our quality department who decides the beginning and end of the selling period in accordance with the maturity of the product (October until end of March). The traceability of the product is guaranteed through extensive check-ups both internal and external.

Ets Alain Courdavault
Ets Alain Courdavault